Stainless Steel Tubes And ‘U’ Tubes

SCODA has special facilities which can produce up to 22 Mtr long tubes efficient enough for Heat Exchanger, Airfin Cooler, Condensers, LP/HP Heaters and Boilers.

We can also produce ‘U’ Tubes according to TEMA ‘R’, ‘C’ and ‘B’. To attain all the technical requirement, bending portion is being stress relieved up to 2” leg length and passing inert gas simultaneously to avoid oxidation.

100% Hydro test is done on each and every tubes to be ascertain of the quality.

Tubes "U" Tubes
OD: 6.00mm to 101.6mm OD: 6.00mm to 50.80mm
THK: 0.70mm to 6.00mm THK: 0.70mm to 4.00mm
LENGTH: Up to 22 Mtr LENGTH: Up to 22 Mtr